HSI Engineering, Inc. is the leader in the design and execution of chemically stabilized structural sections.  HSI specializes in engineering and constructability solutions that address today's economic, environmental and engineering challenges. As quarry aggregates deplete within urban centers, HSI provides the expertise and experience that maximizes the benefits of this sustainable technology.

What is Chemical Soil Stabilization? It's the process of mixing soil and/or aggregate with a cementitious binder, such as Portland cement, quicklime, or Fly Ash, and a sufficient amount of water. When compacted, this mixture results in a highly dense, strong, stable and impermeable section, ideal for a variety of structural applications. 

In-situ chemical stabilization eliminates the need to remove unsuitable or contaminated soils, thus providing an economical and environmental solution to many infrastructure applications, including pavements, water resources and remediation projects.

For more information on how chemical soil stabilization applies specifically to road/pavement rehabilitation (Full Depth Rehabilitation) please visit our sister site: www.FullDepthRehabilitation.com

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